Easy guide for new players- CSGO tips and tricks

Counter strike global offensive game is the most difficult game to play especially if you are a beginner. The good news is that you can be a master in this game in the shortest time you can think of . For you to be a pro in this game, speed and accuracy plays an important role for you to reach the highest level in this game. Follow this easy to understand tips if you want the highest rank.

csgo tips and tricks

1. Warm up before the game.

This is the most basic and very important thing to do. If you are familiar with any other game lets say football, a player can not get a spot in the play field if the player has not warmed up his muscles. Since you are also a player and want to get a higher rank among your competitors,make sure you warm up the parts of the body that you are going to use. This helps you feel more relaxed and also you be more efficient too.

2. Have a good mental strength.

csgo moving targets shooting tips

Your attitude determines how successful you will be. Do not come in the game with a loosing mindset but motivate yourself that you are going to go past that level that has been giving you hard time. Do not give up even if you are killed several times.

3. Practice as much as you can.

You can not be a better player if you do not practice. Take few minutes before going into the game sharpening your skills so that you do not mess things around. Download practice maps and routine so that you familiarize yourself with the battle field. You only become an elite player in this game through repeated plays. Practice your arm and wrist movements for even more advanced improvements.

csgo dust 2 tips

4. Play with a mentor.

Choose somebody who you are looking up to be like. This will help you be more competitive since you start learning new tricks on how you can outshine that person. If you play with somebody you are better than you will not improve your gaming skills. Watch them play and learn new tricks from them.

5. Adjust your settings.

Sensitivity plays an important role in determining your gaming speed and efficiency. Adjust your mouse setting or any other device that you are using to play to a more controllable and comfortable positions for you. Find the setting that best suites you and stick to it.

6. Use proper crosshair placement.

Watch where your enemies are and place your placement only on relevant places. Do not always look too low or high so that you can have the best shot at your enemy. Always remember to set a reasonable crosshair for yourself. Found more tips and cheap csgo skins just click here.

7. Communicate well with your teammates.

Do not solo queue, this might be the number one reason why you keep on getting killed. Always be clear while communicating with your teammates on where your enemies are and the type of weapon they are using.