Let us talk about the Counter Strike Global Offensive pro players

CSGO stands for Counter strike global offensive. Among other games in this world, it is one of the largest FPS eSports, where a lot of money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) is won by the best players globally every year. Not anybody can just start making a fortune by playing games; it takes time and effort to make this dreams become a reality. Pros of this game give tips to help other gamers out there trying to make their dreams come true. Some of these tips from pros are:

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To do well in this game and become a professional in it, you have to dedicate your entire life to competing most of the time and involving yourself in other luxuries of life less. You should be ready to sacrifice attending parties, and spending time with friends. In this game, time is not the only requirement you should be concerned about, you should also be ready to work in a team. How talented you when it comes to the game matters alot because some people tend to a lot of years to manage while others just take few years to make it big. The best way you can become a professional when practicing is to play in a competitive environment; where your teammates are at the same level as you or where they are a level above you so that you can learn something from them.

Practice schedule

You should have a practice schedule that you are to follow daily. It can be same as that of a full-time job, such that you can play up to 7 hours a day. The CSGO pros say that they do practice 5 days in a week for 7 hours, trying to look into their opponents and playing games for practice against other teams. The pros say that the daily practice schedule changes in case there is a big event that is coming up, they play for more hours (playing from 5pm to 2 am everyday).

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Prove yourself

You should be ready to prove yourself as a top player by showing off your skills and talents concerning the game. You can do this by going to local LAN events, being competitive and taking your time to attend small tournaments online. From these, you can in a better chance of being a CSGO pro because players are the ones who recognize you and not the organizations. If you are a new player you can be in a good chance to be picked if you show you are dedicated to playing a lot and working within a team.


Learning a wide range of skills is very important if you want to become a CSGO professional, there are a lot of CSGO skills but there are few pros who know all them. The most vital skills that you should have are good communication, game sense and quick aiming which is precise. You should be able to know advanced tricks in the game which will increase your chances of winning.

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Other CSGO tips from pros are building good team chemistry, competing with the best, and getting competitive equipment. Having this tips, dedicate your time fully and never give up if you want to be a pro and make your dreams come true.